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Our story to this is perhaps a bit unexpected
We scouted mostly new artists to our record label and everybody knows that artists want to get out and play Live. When you get no from every booking agent you have to figure it out how to do it yourself. Said and done. In our family business there we had just bought a pub with live music so we got involved with that and figured things out and just did it.
Our artists where happy to play live and we got contacts here and there and built our network. We went to some seminars within the Music Industry in Stockholm and there we spotted a gentleman who always had questions and seemed to be a really nice guy. We made a background check and he was Swedens representative of Wacken Open Air’s competition Wacken Metal Battle – impressive. We contacted him and we had some coffee and asked what was required to have one of the semi finals in my home town. We stayed in contact and he replied with the question if we could have the finally in our hometown instead of a semi final evening.
Wow, we were blown away and immediately started to work to make this happen. And what a night that was! This was back in 2015 and we were rookies at live events but wow what an experience. With that experience and more we kind of get going forward and the rest is kind of history – in our past shows section through the menu – and on our Facebook page – please follow:
Field of Study Music Business Program Sae Institute Stockholm & a Master Degree within Business with a major within Leadership & Finance + Certified CFO education